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Deep Space Asteroids

A fresh look at the game that started it all!

iPad device wrapper in horizontal format.

In an effort to learn more about the unique aspects of game design and mobile app development I thought it'd be fun to build my own. Here's my take on the classic game that started it all, Asteroids!

With game design you’ve often got a lot of user controlled, dynamic movements happening throughout the screen. I found it to be a fun challenge to experiment with different types of input controls, and navigation components that wouldn’t hinder the user from succeeding at the storyline.

I also enjoyed learning how to use the CoronaSDK — a mobile app development framework. A lot of the time as designer’s we’re tasked with creating interfaces for desktop applications or mobile apps without fully understanding what goes into the technical implementation on the device side. With this project I had the opportunity to work on both sides of the fence. Due to this I actually learned quite a bit about creating different types of game elements, and how best to package those objects, characters, and animation phases into efficient sprite sheets that were best optimized for the platform.

I used Cinema4D to create realistic asteroids at varying levels of distress, AfterEffects to create particle animations for the destruction of the ship, Photoshop to create a patterned star field for the user to explore, and illustrator to design the look of the shield, power-ups, health packs, and other special abilities that could be earned by the player.

This project proved to be a lot fun, and a very rewarding experience to watch people enjoy the game on their iPad.


  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Product Design
  • Mobile UI Design
  • Visual Direction


  • Media Encoder
  • Photoshop
  • CoronaSDK
  • Cinema4D
  • Zwoptex

Technology & Dev

  • LUA

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